Visitors to our shores regularly communicate the exemplary standards and professional service experienced with Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc.. Drivers and operators are courteous, patient, and hold a genuine interest in the care and well being of the customer. My unreserved recommendation goes to Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. for the very best of taxi and tour services when visiting St. Kitts.

Vincent Branch
12 February 2017

St Kitts is a beautiful island with lots of history. The best way to see it and take in all that it has to offer is to book an island tour through Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc.. They show a great passion for guest service and provide an unforgettable experience for guests. They take great pride in sharing with you all of the history of the island and make sure that you see all of the beauty that it has to offer.

As the Director of Restaurants for the Marriott Resort, I lived on the island for 2 1/2 years. During this time, I recommended Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. to many of our guests. Whatever their needs were, a tour, a trip to town, a day at the beach or an evening out for dinner, they always delivered. The feedback that I received from these guests was how accommodating they were, how knowledgeable they were about the activities that they may be looking for, how courteous and reliable they are, and what a great time they had with them.

Robin Richmond
12 February 2017

If you are in St. Kitts the taxi to call for all your St. Kitts destinations is Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc.. I have been on the island many times and have used Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. for all occasions: from airport pick up/drop off to island tours including Brimstone Hill National Park. Please ask for Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. as they were very courteous and prompt including those 5 am airport pick ups. All the Best!

Kevin Anderson
11 February 2017

We had an interesting, fun and informative tour of the island by hiring Kittitian Taxi & Tours who was recommended by the hotel staff. Our driver showed us his island home and also told us its history. We were the only ones in the taxi so we stopped often. The tour was supposed to last about 4 hours but it turned out to be about 5 hours. We were always told to take our time, and we weren't charged any more than the agreed upon amount. Our last stop was at a beach café, where we were able to see the wild green monkeys. They had been brought to the island as pets many years ago, got loose and they eventually returned to the wild. Really fun to see them. There were a couple of mongoose there to entertain us by just chasing each other everywhere. Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. We took “pot luck” as we had not arranged for transport in advance. When we were to leave they recommended that we arrive at the airport two hours before our plane as we had to clear imigration, customs, etc. When we go back I will have Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. meet us at the airport and take us to our hotel. We hope to see more of the island and sample some of the local food. Thank you again for helping us enjoy your beautiful country.

Michael Stenbergn
11 April 2011

My family and I arrived in St. Kitts on the morning of April 6, 2011 from a cruise. We only had 8 hours on the island and wanted to do a tour to take in the best that the island had to offer. We met Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. who offered to give us an hour tour of the island. Not only did they give us an amazing tour of the island but they also made sure we were provided with details of the rich history of the island and answered all our questions. Our one hour tour ended up being around 2 hours. The tour host was great and I would definately call up Kittitian Taxi and Tours Inc. when I go back to St. Kitts again. Thanks for making our time in St. Kitts very memorable.

11 April 2011

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